Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reality Shows

Happened to watch one of the so-called reality shows on a TV channel.
While the show was really good in uncovering brilliant talents from all over the region, it was unnerving in so many other things.

Never before had I seen something so obscenely unreal and uncouth. I mean, there is a limit to creating hype for gaining viewer's rating. How come people do not realize that it is downright unethical to show on-screen, a failed participant crying - that too repeatedly, on every premiere to the show.

Also, the ugly fights between the judges and participants (I just don't want to get into the argument if they are real or stage managed. If it's worthless to watch, it's no more to debate about, either)

What I am concerned about is, gone are the days when such scenes were carefully edited, and only the decent things telecasted. In these kind of shows, the trend is the opposite. They create an interest over the behind-the-stage activities. Participants back-biting over each other, judges slinging mud, and lots of crying... Ugh! It's disgusting. Wonder why people would want to see all that?

Let me relate to you a recent incident that has caused me ranting thus. My nephew, studying in kindergarten participated in a singing contest in his school. He came third, while his best friend came first. But he started crying (pretending actually) and asked my uncle to take his photo crying. When asked why, his prompt answer was, "That's how it's done on the TV shows".

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