Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Learn to cry

Learn to cry, my darling
Feel the pain as though it pierces your skin

Show your anger with violent kicks
Shudder at the injustice that prevails in to-be home

Let not the love and care I shower on you,
Make you dumb or your senses numb

Learn to get angry, my dear…
Feel the rage as though you are boiled alive

Cry your heart out for the butchery done on lives even as young as you are
Scream your lungs out for the incredible terror unleashed in the name of discrimination
Your first cry to this world means all this to me and more…

Once you’re born, I shall shelter you, care for you,
Try all my might that no pain touches you…
For I won’t then have the courage to speak thus to you…
But life is not so fair as to many other babies

I’ll tend you like a rose bud,
Treat you like a sweet-smelling herb,
But my innermost desire is that,
To see you as the firewood that sets ablaze
A whole load of muck and tripe

Friday, December 07, 2007

Books and Me

It's common knowledge that a good book is a good friend, and avid readers need no convincing about the pleasures of reading.

However, I would like to share my own experiences with books, and how they have been filling up empty or languid moments in my life, whenever they manage to seep through.

I started reading at the age of five. I was lucky to have parents who cherished books, and had quite a good collection of children's story books, both in Tamil and English - ranging from the colorful mega-size Soviet books to old editions of Tamil children magazines, most of them, of course read and dog-eared by my eldersister and brother.

As a child, I often fell ill, and had to stay at home. That's when I was introducted to these treasures, and didn't I relish them!

Soon, I began looking forward to falling sick, so I would be allowed to stay in bed and read.

The thing is - I developed this habit of re-reading umpteen times the stories I liked. Those days. I used to practically live in the world of the stories I read and loved best. The best times in my childhood were the quiet afternoons (when I was not out, playing) I spent among a plethora of Misha, Ratnabala, Manipaapa, and Ambulimama. Ah, how I still long for those days! Hours after I finished reading, I would day-dream about the stories, insist on telling them out to others, often to the point of being irritating!

Rainy days and breezy afternoons always remind me of the lovely books I spent reading then. It's really difficult to say what was that I loved most - the weather, or those books?

When I read "Little Women", I imagined myself to be one of the sisters, and my favorite place in our verandah - Jo's garret! And any place my sister took me would become Sally Gardiner's party! Now what did I enjoy more? - those outings with my sister or the pretence that we were those "little women"? It's hard to say.

And Enid Blyton soon became my greatest addiction. She wrote about almost all things children can hardly resist. Picnics, lakes, woods, fairies, pixies, adventures, circus, fun at schools, and many many more, always sprinkled with mentions about delicious food! No wonder her books got me hooked real hard.

But such bliss gradually began to wane out as years passed by and I became a wee bit more practical. Of course, this could largely be due to the kind of books I choose to read now. You see, they are no longer filled with fairies, picnics, adventures, and beautiful descriptions of cozy houses, or picturesque landscapes.

But the habit of wallowing in what I read continues. That's why I tend to be careful about what I choose to read now. And that's why I stay away from sensational books or tabloids. Graphic descriptions of violence and other horrors haunt me more than anybody I know of.
So, while I want to be socially aware, and read newspapers and magazines, I take great caution not to indulge in the sensationalism of the media.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Arrest Christy Danius

The next time I hear a parent being desperate about seeking an NRI husband for their daughter, I am going to strangle them to death.

I don't understand many things in life. One of the primary ones is this: "What makes people eternally greedy for money???"

That bloody monster who married Smalin Jenita was a software engineer working for Infosys in the US. No doubt he must make enough to live a luxurious life. Despite that, he has acquired a large dowry in marriage. What's that barbaric force that made him cruelly assault and harass his pregnant wife??? A well-educated man and all. An illiterate simple working man would shudder to do such a thing.

To hell with education, to hell with wealthy lifestyle, to hell with religions, to hell with the so-called civilization. It seems to me that the present day man is evolving into a species that apes and cavemen will be unduly ashamed of.

Yes, I am ashamed to be of the same species that that monster is. My blood is boiling and I feel like vomitting. If I ever meet such a person, I would want to rip his throat with my bare hands.

Kudos to the doctor Ismanullah who rendered timely care and saved the girl's life. (He is a Pakistani, not that it matters to me because I don't believe that Pakistanis are our enemies)

Be glad to hear that Jenita and her child are currently stable.Let's pray for her speedy recovery and the safe arrival of her baby.

Last but not the least, Infosys is said to be conducting an investigation. I strongly assert that the culprit should be fired immediately. What doubt could be there of his guilt? And the Indian government should take immediate steps to bring his family to India and ensure that justice is restored.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reality Shows

Happened to watch one of the so-called reality shows on a TV channel.
While the show was really good in uncovering brilliant talents from all over the region, it was unnerving in so many other things.

Never before had I seen something so obscenely unreal and uncouth. I mean, there is a limit to creating hype for gaining viewer's rating. How come people do not realize that it is downright unethical to show on-screen, a failed participant crying - that too repeatedly, on every premiere to the show.

Also, the ugly fights between the judges and participants (I just don't want to get into the argument if they are real or stage managed. If it's worthless to watch, it's no more to debate about, either)

What I am concerned about is, gone are the days when such scenes were carefully edited, and only the decent things telecasted. In these kind of shows, the trend is the opposite. They create an interest over the behind-the-stage activities. Participants back-biting over each other, judges slinging mud, and lots of crying... Ugh! It's disgusting. Wonder why people would want to see all that?

Let me relate to you a recent incident that has caused me ranting thus. My nephew, studying in kindergarten participated in a singing contest in his school. He came third, while his best friend came first. But he started crying (pretending actually) and asked my uncle to take his photo crying. When asked why, his prompt answer was, "That's how it's done on the TV shows".

Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Two!?

It's really outrageous. Whenever there is an ugly fight between politicians for whatsoever reason, why on earth are innocent lives claimed? You always see that happen. Just a few months back three employees of "Dinakaran" daily were killed owing to the bitterness between two politicians of the same family. Now 2 passengers, a woman included has been burnt alive in a bus bound for Chennai from Bangalore.

But the co-party members and other peers of Karunanidhi expressing their concerns over the attack on his daughter's mansion, but not about this. Why? because they are just two votes? They are two nameless persons, and it's not even election time. So why bother?

My simple mind is unable to comprehend this: Who is to blame for their tragic ends?

  • God?
  • Fate?
  • That stupid mob that set fire to the bus? - They are justified, you know? because they had asked all the passengers to get down, and these two were apparently sleeping.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Priyanka Bhotmange

She was a young girl of seventeen;

She was very good at academics;

She wanted to join the army;

She had doting parents and affectionate brothers;

Her family was educated, self-sufficient, and had self-esteem;

And that was the crime in this cursed land - for she was a Dalit...

I am not going to talk about it, but as September 29 draws nearer, as a whole year has rolled by after what happened... I just remember this:

"Priyanka will not be avenged as long as you have even one square inch on earth where a woman is held as the repository of male honour." - Annie Zaidi, Reporter, Frontline

Yes, that's the truth.. and truth could never be more bitter...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Again… There is a spectre haunting the nation… no, unfortunately it’s not Communism. It’s the mania of Sivaji aka Rajni aka Superstar aka the most sinful and lavish production of a movie. (the highest budget movie ever produced in India – about Rs. 80 crore)

I say, isn’t it after all just a movie?

But the average Indian film-goer (let alone the avid and crazy fans) cannot simply be convinced of the fact that it’s just an ordinary masala movie or the actor is just an actor – to quote his own humble words. No they won’t listen even to him, when it comes to that!
They will drool and go teary-eyed over how humble the great man is! They rave over him, worship him like God, and anyone who tries to even raise a word against all this is termed cynical or even jealous!

The media obviously has no holds barred when it comes to anything that is high-budget, hi-fi, high-tech, and high-class! Right from the prestigious multinational news channels like CNN-IBN down to the vernacular channels, the media is determined to milk this hype for all its worth.

And director Shankar is always held up in a pedestal for he toils and makes mastermind scripts that aways have a so-called revolutionary message.

All that is fine, it’s of course the right and pleasure of the fun-loving youth to indulge in such hypes and feed their insatiable hunger for fun and fervor which the BOSS only adds to. But what irks me is the price that they pay for it. Yes, literally!

It is said that the film has earned more than what it spent on the movie, even before its release. And the numbers are out of the scope of the financial expertise of the common man, who is albeit ready to pay Rs. 1000 for two-and-half hours of sheer entertainment!
One of my friends rejoiced over the fact that he got his ticket cheap... just for Rs. 150!

I am just alarmed at the moral responsibility of these so-called great directors and the venerable production house that made this movie. They simply sit back and enjoy the people’s folly that includes everything from sticking “Vels” in their tongues, to performing “Paalabhishekam” to the actor’s cut-outs.

They ultimately have no intention of educating the poor fan who is so pathetically ignorant. Now while the actor makes no such claims and is fairly an honest person when it comes to his style and taste in making films, the director is much different.
He has claimed himself to be a noble artist dedicated to the art of film-making, while he is yet to make an honest attempt on a simple and healthy movie without spending a colossal fortune. Now, that’s hypocrisy at its worst.

We all speak how rotten the film industry is. We all sigh about how the other nations are in a very higher platform when it comes to movie making. What we do not realize is that the movie makers simply blame it on “us”. Yes, they justify their pathetic films saying you and I have such cheap tastes and they give only what we demand.
I say, haven’t good films ever prospered? Take for example Autograph, Mozhi, Pithamagan, Black, there are several more, I am sure, if you stop to think.

Well, it is said that movies are just for entertainment and one should not be so seriously looking for any morals or messages there.

But it is certainly a serious matter that such a powerful media that can grip the entire nation for months together – that which unifies most of the energetic youth, claims much of your time and money is nothing but a collage of colorful songs, hip-shaking dances, and the frivolous tale of a fictional hero.

It's ok to watch a film that's just funny, light-hearted, even uttely stupid with no serious theme to get through. It's like eating sugar, knowing it's just sugar.
But the so-called intellectual directors are like fraud doctors whose so-called medicine to reform the society might in fact turn out fatal.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


There is this popular TV Ad for an equally popular phone network - very poetically created with beautiful cinematography. A bunch of kids in a village are playing with paper boats sailing them in puddles. What's so special about that? There is... the boats are made of unused Inland letter cards and Postal envelopes! The message conveyed is that people even in the remote rural areas do not need snail mail now, and that telephonic communication is extensively available - thanks to "their superior" network!
Yes, it's all very well and we can't deny the comfort we enjoy in today's fastpaced world. But nevertheless, I found it unnerving - the wasting away of those unused letter cards that so remind me of their happier and glorious days.

Remember them? The cute post cards your aunts and uncles used to send you at festivaltimes, the blue inland cards your grandparents used to write to you and your parents, and the greeting cards and thick envelopes you used to 'Plz Rush To" your hometown friends when you (or they) were away for college!

Where have they vanished now? I am sure, if you are a nutter like me, you'd have them all stacked in a giant-size plastic bag or gunny bag and kept safe in a loft or the top shelf of your closet.

But have you ever bothered to take down the lot and flick through the sheafs of the aging pages? I doubt there is a better way to liven up life and love! There is nothing more self-rejuvenating than seeing the loving messages inked by your loved ones' handwriting, especially FOR YOU! No bulk forwarded goodmorning SMSs or email messages were known then!
The present day's frostiness and langour will melt away like ice and you will feel an inexplicable glow of warmth and love that you will want to share with everyone around you!

What will you not give to go back to the summer holidays you spent ecstatically at your granny's village! But you can relive those evergreen memories when you read your granny's letter asking you to come and stay!

And just think, the bond of friendship is never sweeter than in your teens and preteens.
Today's teens are said to be a lucky lot. Parents see it as a status symbol that their kid caries a mobile to school.

But I honestly thing that millions of forwarded jokes, goodmorning SMSs, or interactive e-greetings cannot replace the warmth you used to feel when you "open with smile" a loving (or teasing) greeting card your best friend sent your way, in those good olden days!

I mean, writing was a major (if not the only) means of communication even just a decade back. That was before the Ambanis, Mittals, Nokia etc... saw it as their major responsibility to connect people!

I agree, one would be chucked off to a museum if they talk against the communication revolution we all have come to enjoy today! But yes, it's only communication and very effective that is. But where is the rejoicing connection?
It looks like no technology can equally satisfy business needs and emotional needs. It sure dips towards one side and you know better which!

So all-in-all, the e-Mail, palm-tops, Hand-helds, SMS are all faster but the snail was much more sweeter!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hmm.. It took so long for me to come back to my blog. I created this way back in November and just forgot all about it. Now when I come back, I was prompted to choose the new version (God knows how far I would appreciate it.. I was quite puzzled getting used to the old one, as it is.)

I wonder, why did I ever want to blog? I am a little apprehensive of sharing my thoughts/writing with others. I muddle my own mind enough with them, why bother others? Especially when most are not blessed with such superior mind power as mine. ;-)

So I just opened this to scribble something, vent my feelings and thoughts....and just to see if I can really make something out of it... Well, I don't have high hopes!

Time for tea? Time for two!

Lone lunches have never been uncommon or unpleasant. Even when work has kept your nose to the grindstone all through the morn, if you just...