Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Of crushes - the good, bad, and the mad!

It was "Kamalhassan" in times teeny,
With 'Life is beautiful', came "Benigni"
the intriguing Italian, live and agile,
then "Vikram" stayed for a very short while;
As Severus Snape soon came along,
"Alan Rickman" stood firm and strong!
Quite a few got lost in the maze,
grayed and faded away in a haze;
It's always clear of what will stay,
and what might merely flicker away;
That which gets past shallow sense,
and lets your crazy soul balance,
That you know will loom over,
and may be, just may be, will stay forever!

Time for tea? Time for two!

Lone lunches have never been uncommon or unpleasant. Even when work has kept your nose to the grindstone all through the morn, if you just...