Sunday, December 09, 2012


All dimensions are perfect in a closely viewed isometric projection.

To obtain perspectives, step back and get away.

Monday, December 03, 2012


I accidentally stumbled on the other side of my heart,
and now really cant tell one side from the other;

I mistakenly looked over the forbidden wall,
and now find that it doesnt exist anymore;

I disturbed the serene dripping of the hour glass,
and got stranded in time, for what seems like eternity;

Discovering reasons and deducing logic for what was once outrightly crazy,
I have doomed myself into a rational insanity.

Friday, November 30, 2012


I am just a tiny insect

that suffers and spreads

this malignant disease

please have mercy

oh, do not judge me

am just a carrier, a conductor

in great pain myself;

I know not the origin,

I do not plan to attack;

nor do I have definite targets

I charge by instinct

I die by the same

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The River

The river starts flowing again 
meandering its path boldly out of the sea 
at a high tide, defying gravity; 
now a bit salty, no more streamlined, 
it flows with a turbulence never known before

The Sun

The sun shines atlast, bright and dazzling;
blinding me to everything else
its rays kissing every bit of my skin,
As I greedily drink it in, scorching my throat, blistering;
lying back on the hot fissured ground, in a timeless bliss,
I relive the dream endlessly;
slowly dusk sets in, the retreating sun more beautiful than ever
as it leaves behind the longing for another day, another new promise

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another new shade...

A bitter sweet chocolate,
rich and creamy, satiably sweet;
a fresh new flavour, perfect and nourishing
yet every single time,
as the last bite melts down,
leaves behind a twinge of regret

Monday, October 01, 2012

The Fire

I was playing with fire,

smitten by its reddish blaze;

with a deep mysterious core

the heat was warm, tingling my senses;

melting and uncovering the cold crust of my heart

but the fire soon turned cool and blue,

I dared it to burn me, scorch me to ashes;

as i sought with vigor, it went cooler and darker

the blue flames no more soothing, leaves my heart colder than ever

Friday, March 16, 2012

The drama is over...or is it?

The drama is over...the curtains are drawn. Tabloids will have another week at the max sentationalising it, while conservatives "briefly" pay their condolences, loathing to say anymore on the grim subject.

That's how we are...At extremes. Either seeking food for our sensations, or being refinedly aloof. When are we going to actually see things for what they are?
As an emotional fool myself, I know what the price is. An entire nation cannot afford to be so. The media cannot fodder or cater only to just the sensations of its people.The cost is dangerous. Baby Falak - one of the thousands of children being abused and trafficked, or both, everyday in this beautiful country. Weeks after Falak got front coverage, there was a news about a "Baby Sanyam". thanks to the links..."Those who read this, also read.." Another baby, another unimaginable horror.

But baby sanyam quickly lost the limelight. Probably because he had his mother to care for. I have been googling for him ever since, dying to know what happened to him, how has he recovered, but no update whatsoever after the part that his biological father was fighting for his custody. For godsake, what happened to the child??

When I first saw the picture of Baby Falak lying in a hospital bed with her face masked, and her tummy covered with a lot of tapes and IV lines, I was naturally reminded of my younger one aged one. Because though two years old, Falak appeared to me only as big as my daughter.

I could not but feel that this could have been my own daughter. Well, I felt she is as good as mine. I could not imagine the horrors the little one, whom should have been showered with love and care, had undergone. Like thousands of Indian mothers who saw and cried over her plight, I too could not sleep that night.

From then on, I have been following her updates on the various news sites/ channels. For the past four or five days, the only bit of news about her was that she is stable, and was fit to be discharged in a week. I was anxiously waiting for the news about who will take her custody. It's believed that several people from India and abroad had volunteered to adopt her. Her mother, a victim of human traffickking herself, has been identified and is under the custody of a home run by an NGO.

I was patiently waiting for news that the "miracle baby" as the Doctors had declared her for surviving so many cardiac arrests and injuries and trauma, had all the possibilities to lead a normal life, and that her brain was not likely to be damaged. That was the one line I was dying to read on the next update. Sadly, this is not a fairy tale that I was reading.

"Baby Falak leaves for a better world"
"Videos, expert blogs, more breaking news on Baby Falak"
This is what Igot for googling her name today.
Seriously, I am unable to understand the psycology behind any of this.

We are all to blame to let this happen right before our own eyes. Forgive me too darling.
Helplessness hurts...and haunts.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

India! Open your bleary eyes to Sex Trafficking

A sense of pathetic helplessness is stinging hard....
The past few days are haunted by just one thing...Baby Falak. Even the most hard-hearted person is moved to tears reading about her in so many news sites and channels that flash her story from various aspects. The whole country is praying for her - pipe in the reporters.

Yes, it's true. Nevertheless, the gnawing question is, how long are we going to just read such horrors on news papers, lament about it for a while, and wilfully, thankfully may be) forget them as we get engrossed in the all important affairs of our daily routine?

I personally have statistics; the number of times I felt sick and disgusted, engraged with so much frustration that ends up with a migraine. But it passes; fades away in due course, until another shocking headline hits the eye.

It seems that not a single person is to be blamed for the fate of Falak. The teenage girl responsible for Falak's current fate has clearly been a victim of intense sexual exploitation, possibly trafficking. An innocent baby left with nobody to care but a tramautized person, barely grown out of childhood. Who is to blame?

There can be no second opinions about all involved directly in Falak's case must be
severely punished. However, it'll only be chopping the tip of the ice berg. All the people who are to be blamed are linked to the never-talked-about business of sex trafficking.

It's not that we are not aware; we are aware of the human trafficking that flourishes in our country, aware of the enumerous teenage girls and children exploited in every inhuman way possible...what have we done?

Most of us don't even want to hear about them, it disturbs us. It shakes up our visions and dreams of a perfect world. We'd rather turn our backs on the dark aspects of life; pray to our "high and mighty" gods that we stay out of such dirty and lowly troubles.

It's high time the government takes a serious hand to curb this horrendous business that is going about. Individual crusaders like Sunitha Krishnan face all the hurdles in the world to do their might. However, without stricter laws in place and forceful execution, there is little hope for a better future.

May be the government should legalize prostitution, let willing adults indulge in it with safe measures. well, they might face vehement opposition from Saffron clad crusaders for daring to defame the "rich cultural heritage" of this holy land.

We stand at a threshold to decide what's important. The lives and fates of thousands of innocent children? or our self-inflicted, self-destroying, highly hypocritic notion called "Indian (read Hindu) culture"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last (name) but not the least?

I was darkly amused at the irony of this Smitha 'Nair', (Iyers, Reddys, or Pillais for that matter) reporting so sanctimoniously about heinous crimes meted out against a Dalit woman in Maharashtra.

While the reporter's good job is certainly commendable, what makes one wonder is, when you can't shed your own caste titles, you innately feel proud about your so-called higher castes, what's the point in fighting against crimes based on casteism?

A caste abolished society is what we must be aiming at, reservations are only a path towards that. It is one thing mentioning your caste on paper and getting the benefits of goverment allotted reservations; appending it to your name and flaunting it about is another.

The media which brings such news to the public can atleast make sure their reporters say only their first names. It adds a heavy dose of sarcasm to the whole thing.

Time for tea? Time for two!

Lone lunches have never been uncommon or unpleasant. Even when work has kept your nose to the grindstone all through the morn, if you just...