Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last (name) but not the least?

I was darkly amused at the irony of this Smitha 'Nair', (Iyers, Reddys, or Pillais for that matter) reporting so sanctimoniously about heinous crimes meted out against a Dalit woman in Maharashtra.

While the reporter's good job is certainly commendable, what makes one wonder is, when you can't shed your own caste titles, you innately feel proud about your so-called higher castes, what's the point in fighting against crimes based on casteism?

A caste abolished society is what we must be aiming at, reservations are only a path towards that. It is one thing mentioning your caste on paper and getting the benefits of goverment allotted reservations; appending it to your name and flaunting it about is another.

The media which brings such news to the public can atleast make sure their reporters say only their first names. It adds a heavy dose of sarcasm to the whole thing.

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