Sunday, April 21, 2013

Deeply disturbed? rightly so...

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, I am not counting numbers. These are the ages of girl kids being raped and killed in our nation, by the hour.
We stand by, shocked to the senses, a nauseating feeling creeping in, owing as much to our helplessness as to the heinousness of the crime.

These acts have been happening all along, around us; shame on us if we are as ignorant as to believe that Delhi is the only rape capital. We live in rape towns, rape cities, rape villages, rape colonies, rape HOMEs.But nothing matters, everything is just a piece of horrendous news unless...(you know what I was going to say.)

More often than not, the perpetrators are well-known to the children; "friends" of their family. In a scenario where we are even numb to news about fathers raping their own daughters, this is not surprising. Yes, we hear of a case like that every other day. Let's face happens, there is no way we are going to stop it happening if we go on pretending that we didn't hear it.
So, where are we heading to? Are we okay with such things happening around us? I for one, feel ashamed to look at my daughters in their eyes. What kind of world have I brought them into?
Can I tell them, "See, the world is a filthy place to live in..but don't worry, we all are living here with our senses blocked, learn the art from us; Let me just pray that you be safe..."  SHAME!

The good touch bad touch concept seems to be the mantra of the educated elite class, let alone middle class children. All schools including public and corporation schools must rigorously include schemes of protecting the girl children as part of the curriculum.

Awareness about pedophiles is the need of the hour. It's not a bad idea to seek the help of reformed criminals who can help us identify and fight this epidemic better. We need information, their inside story, how they lure children, what makes them beasts so they attack vulnerable young kids.

We need to think of immediate, long term, and ongoing measures to stop, prevent such crimes from happening again. Planning and imagining the worst possible punishments for the criminals is not one of the sanatory options.

Our PM, he says, is "deeply disturbed". Good! We hope he is disturbed enough to take some stringent action against drug trafficking and liqour distribution in this "developing" country.

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