Monday, January 21, 2008

Bilkis Bano - Justice restored

Of late, I am often told not to read the newspaper, for it's full of horrendous stories.

Sigh, But when considering a woman ins the same condition who had to undergo such an unspeakable horror... I don't know what to think...seriously.

And today, I am glad that I did read the newsapaper, for I read about justice restored, though delayed, (six years later) And that baby she was carrying is safe; And that her husband was so supportive to her. She had another baby. Surely, life is a miracle by itself. And a healer of its own.
All helpless souls like us can only pray that such history does never repeat itself.
Insha Allah

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kalluri ... Review

I am a great fan of Balaji sakthivel ever since I saw "Kaadhal" - one of my all-time favorites. He is one of the very very few directors who has got it in him (including tremendous guts) to take Tamil cinema to a different platform.

As far as I have seen, he is the only director who has made real success with realistic approach to films. Show life as it is, show the characters as they are, show emotions powerfully but with no melodrama, and there you are - a beautiful, hard hitting film. And that's what he does. And it's easier said than done. So hats off to him.

He has once more proven that a good entertainer of a film needs no stupid frills like hip-shaking dances (omigod - curse them), stupid punch dialogies, larger-than-life super heroes (let them all be banished to Antarctica) or double meaning comedy.The whole theater roared with laughter each time the annoying duo came up.. "ennanga, neenga sollunga... " :-))

What impressed me most was Kayalvizhi's character and the messages that the film speaks through her. Also, the plight of Muthu's sister was really touching. And the film, was so democratic. I mean, the friends were not just puppets revolving around Shobana and Muthu. Everyone had equal importance, including screen presence all were endearing in their own way.

And Joshua Sridhar's music - man, it's an amazing combo - balaji and Joshua. The song "Sariya... ithu thavara" rings around your ears for days after u see the movie. The song and music just blends through the characters and the situation and gives u the shivers!

All in all, a wonderful, must-watch, movie. Hoping we won't have to call such a movie "different" in the coming years. - I mean, more of such films should be made.

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