Saturday, February 09, 2008


In the heart of every town It stands,
swarming with crowds in mighty trance;
unperturbed by the cries and noise,
never ever raising its voice.

Men and women, rich and poor,
amass here with equal fervor;
yet it is not in Its power,
to bridge the gaps and make things better.

Little can I comprehend
the solace got from a deity;
surely there can be no form
nor gender to the almighty.

Call me not an atheist,
nor that I blaspheme;
it's just that I think it is best
to wake up from this dream.

Erase all the whimsy lines
that rip apart mankind;
It's time to shrug off old beliefs
and leave them far behind

Think of how much blood is shed
to nurture the sly old trees;
Their roots poison the whole of the earth,
it's time, it's time to cease!

If at all It exists true - and
wants us to know and praise it too,
it's not by praying, not by slaying
but living life each day anew!

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