Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Two!?

It's really outrageous. Whenever there is an ugly fight between politicians for whatsoever reason, why on earth are innocent lives claimed? You always see that happen. Just a few months back three employees of "Dinakaran" daily were killed owing to the bitterness between two politicians of the same family. Now 2 passengers, a woman included has been burnt alive in a bus bound for Chennai from Bangalore.

But the co-party members and other peers of Karunanidhi expressing their concerns over the attack on his daughter's mansion, but not about this. Why? because they are just two votes? They are two nameless persons, and it's not even election time. So why bother?

My simple mind is unable to comprehend this: Who is to blame for their tragic ends?

  • God?
  • Fate?
  • That stupid mob that set fire to the bus? - They are justified, you know? because they had asked all the passengers to get down, and these two were apparently sleeping.

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Anil P said...

So long we continue to associate power with the perpetrators we'll never have the organs of the state necessary to enforce law and pursue justice.

Until then they'll be the 'nameless two'

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