Monday, November 26, 2007

Arrest Christy Danius

The next time I hear a parent being desperate about seeking an NRI husband for their daughter, I am going to strangle them to death.

I don't understand many things in life. One of the primary ones is this: "What makes people eternally greedy for money???"

That bloody monster who married Smalin Jenita was a software engineer working for Infosys in the US. No doubt he must make enough to live a luxurious life. Despite that, he has acquired a large dowry in marriage. What's that barbaric force that made him cruelly assault and harass his pregnant wife??? A well-educated man and all. An illiterate simple working man would shudder to do such a thing.

To hell with education, to hell with wealthy lifestyle, to hell with religions, to hell with the so-called civilization. It seems to me that the present day man is evolving into a species that apes and cavemen will be unduly ashamed of.

Yes, I am ashamed to be of the same species that that monster is. My blood is boiling and I feel like vomitting. If I ever meet such a person, I would want to rip his throat with my bare hands.

Kudos to the doctor Ismanullah who rendered timely care and saved the girl's life. (He is a Pakistani, not that it matters to me because I don't believe that Pakistanis are our enemies)

Be glad to hear that Jenita and her child are currently stable.Let's pray for her speedy recovery and the safe arrival of her baby.

Last but not the least, Infosys is said to be conducting an investigation. I strongly assert that the culprit should be fired immediately. What doubt could be there of his guilt? And the Indian government should take immediate steps to bring his family to India and ensure that justice is restored.


Anonymous said...

Well i am Danius. If you want to arrest me ..first you need to arrest Smalin's family members who illegally tresspassed into our home and looted all our things including gold ornaments, financial instruments. why you guys are concealing the facts when a complaint has been given to the police station.
Do you know how Smalin harassed me over here in USA. I never told a word to anyone on this. If legal proceedings come i will disclose my proof.
First learn to talk decently. Dont be barbaric as you are.

Teshu said...

Interesting. Danius, if you really did leave the previous comment, shouldn't you comment as non-anonymous?

Still no amount of harassment justfies the attack on a pregnant woman and an unborn child - wouldn't you agree? If you were being harassed, and that too in US, you had to just step across to a police station and file a complaint. Or better seek mutual seperation and a court restraint order. That shouldn't be too hard in US right?

Anonymous said...

Sardar Inamullah- was not a doctor but a lab tech who lied to Indian media, he was nothing but fruad who has stolen money from people in Winston-Salem and wrote bad checks, North Carolina and other states. Sebastian, father of the the victim has allegatins that Sardar stole his daughter's insurance money and now he is on the run from the police. Read more about him on the web.

Waqas Qudrat said...

I have genuine information about this case, in direct regard of what inamullah has personally said to me!
I met him in Pakistan and he admitted alot of things to me regarding this case! Which raised a few questions in my mind

Anyone looking for this information or if i can help in any way
My email is

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