Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Running Vs Playing

I want to stop running, go back and play.

I am baffled by the rules, I can't keep to the tracks;

The prizes are tempting, but heavily priced;

I am not eager to win, yet I greatly fear to lose

Crowds cheer madly, runners cross me by, eyes on the winning line - which extends beyond the horizon;
laggers are losers, and are forever longers;

I want to stop running, go back and play

some come with roller skates, but many carry crutches.; it's a race most unfair but oh! who cares?
I want to stop running, go back and play
go back where there is still music to dance


P. Saravanan said...

Just OK

Deepa J said...

Thanks Saravanan! :-)

தீபாதேன் said...

Very nice & true, Deepa.

There is no permanent winner for this race, yet we all try so hard.

Deepa J said...

thats true Deeps... i just wished thr was no race and only games to play! :-)

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