Monday, June 28, 2010

I am falling...

I am falling, falling, falling down, swaying my hands for help in vain.

I know that I have my own buoyancy, the only force that could lift me up, higher above than I could have ever imagined. Yet, I am clueless why I hesitate to use it. May be I am lazy, may be this is easy, yielding myself to gravity. I have been told I can’t fly. I have been told I ought not to rise. And those words are tied like an invisible stone round my neck.

So here I am, vainly seeking those hands, those whose touch I have relished in the past, of those whose only shadows remain at last.

My grey cells, fogged with some pinkish hue, they have happily stopped functioning for a long time now.

Thus remain I in a false bliss, falling, falling, into a great abyss.


Uma said...

wow! reminding me of someone who feels the same way, of late! Well expressed :)
yielding one to gravity and having a free fall is an experience by itself as long as you land in style to share in a rubber ball that bounces back :)

Deepa said...

Thank you Uma!
//Landing in style//
i like that. ;-)

(took me so long, sorry)

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